I suck, and I’m sorry.

Life has been so incredibly, insanely, awesomely busy the last… what is it, month? I promise to make more of an effort to update this, should anyone actually be reading it. We finally moved into our new apartment right on the lake and it’s beautiful. I’m working all the time so now my job not only kills my weekends it kills pretty much my entire life. When I’m not working I’m too busy enjoying my apartment that I don’t want to go anywhere. Needless to say, it does not help the boy situation. I caved a few weeks ago and slept with engineer boy again. And I’m still pretty much constantly talking to him, but I realized that every so often I need to just do me and he will always come back if he really loves me. An ex boyfriend (I’ll call him Navy boy) of mine recently came back into contact and he’s constantly telling me how much he misses me. He promised to see me when he was on leave. As much as he aggravates the hell out of me most of the time… there’s something about him. And so yet again, it comes down to Engineer Boy vs. Navy Boy. But that history is for another post. Right now I have a bowl and a movie and a bed calling my sweet name.

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