Navy Boy

He and I had quite possibly the most intense relationship I have ever had. We went from strangers to dating in a week. In the middle of that week I went and saw Engineer Boy. The next weekend he was supposed to come visit me but instead I had to cancel because of Navy Boy. We spent most of our time with my best friend and her boyfriend. Two weeks into our relationship he told me he was moving away but wanted to keep seeing me until that happened, me being a dumbass agreed. After that he got very distant and very assholeish. On Valentine’s Day he went and hung out with his friends instead of me even though I was cooking him a nice dinner. He finally came over after I threw a fit and I may have punched a wall and sprained my wrist. Oh, and left a nice dent in the wall. He promptly left after he came over and I told him I was going to start cooking so hurry back. I cooked, dinner was ready, he was no where to be found. Mind you, this was about an hour after he left my house. So I ate and left the front door unlocked and locked myself in my room. Thirty minutes after I ate I finally heard his car pull up. I came out told him his dinner was on the table and he could microwave it but it was better when it was first finished. That started another argument. I finally calmed down and he apologized and life went on. My wrist however was killing me so I made him drive me to Walmart to get a splint. The next day I couldn’t move it so I asked him if he would take me to the hospital. He refused because he wanted to play video games so my best friend ended up taking me. At least now I’m known at that hospital as the girl who sprained her wrist from punching a wall on Valentines Day. A few days later he went and talked to the Air Force recruiter and I went with him. The next day I went and talked to the Navy recruiter and signed the paper work. Right after all that he moved back to his hometown so we officially broke up for the second or third time… I don’t know I lost count. He came back into town a few weeks later and I had pretty much forgotten about him since he was such a jerk to me most of the time. Turns out, he was just a jerk because he was trying to distance himself from me because he had fallen in love with me. Go fucking figure. So we tried to make things work long distance and it was decided that I would go see him at his parents house. My car blew up. I officially ended things once and for all. Well besides the drunken calls proclaiming how much we missed each other and how much we wanted to fuck. But everyone has those right? I went to boot camp and completely forgot about him for the most part. When I got out the drunken phone calls started again. And then the sober phone calls. And then I wrote him while he was at boot camp. The day he graduated I was his first phone call. He still calls me pretty much every day to tell me how much he misses me. I guess we will see what happens when he goes on leave. Or I go visit him. I haven’t decided yet. He is pretty good in bed…

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