Navy Boy FTW (for right now anyways…)

Two nights ago he told me he was still wrapped around my little finger. Last night he told me he would pay for half my airplane ticket to come see him. Somewhere inside of me I know he’s the wrong one for me. Or maybe he is the perfect one. He has spent so much more time with me than Engineer Boy and knows me so much better. Hell, he dated me when I came out of the worst relationship I’ve ever been in. I was watching a show last night and it summed it up perfectly, you know when you look into someone’s eyes and they just hook you? That’s love. And that’s what happened with us. Also, he gave me a really good discount on my oil change. I’m supposed to go see Engineer Boy when he’s home from college this month. We will see how that goes versus how I feel about Navy Boy. On a less serious note, I’m going bathing suit shopping today. Granted, it’s only at Walmart, but I love all their new stuff. Plus, I haven’t had a Miley Cyrus line fix in a while. I’m long overdue for something purple, black, or white.

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  1. markbyrd
    May 04, 2010 @ 11:38:00

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark


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