Lock Up Your Boyfriend

Apparently I give off an air of wanting to fuck other people’s boyfriends. A few weeks after moving in the new apartment the BFF drunkenly told her boyfriend he was in the wrong bed and he should go to mine. He and I laughed it off and never mentioned it to her again. Mostly because she was drunk. We do spend a lot of time together, but shit, we work together and live together. Our schedules are really similar, not to mention he has become one of my closest friends. This weekend however it was the other roommate accusing me of wanting to sleep with her man. She and I didn’t really know each other well before we moved in together and to be perfectly honest, we still don’t. I’m trying though, I spend as much time as I can with her and we talk about what is going on in our lives presently but that’s about it. The other night she went to pick up the guy she’s been seeing to bring him back to the apartment and she sent me a whopper of a text, “be honest do u wanna fuck *****? im not gonna be mad”. Um, NO. She said it was because I was always asking about him and asking if he was coming over. I ask about him to make conversation and I ask if he’s coming over to know who the hell is going to be in my apartment. I ask the BFF’s BF if his friend is coming over all the time and he’s there almost nightly. Do I want to fuck him? Absolutely not. Anyways, I reassured her I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy and I thought things were fine until today. I was busy all day and when I finally got to my phone I had a text that just said “is this navy?” from a strange number. Since the strange number knew I had been in the Navy I figured it was someone I knew and when I replied asking who it was they just said “i want ur body”. Classy right? I finally figured out who it was, my roommate’s very best guy friend who she may or may not have a thing with depending on the day. Turns out she gave him my number in an effort to hook us up. I may be going through a dry spell but that doesn’t mean I want to be hooked up with someone who has history with someone I care about. I think I’m just going to have a talk with her to figure out what gives. Speaking of my dry spell, I’m seeing Engineer Boy next week. Maybe it will shed some light on Engineer Boy vs. Navy Boy.

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