Caution Flag

So last night was the final night of Speed Street and I went and saw Corey Smith, who is one of my favorites, perform. He put on a great show even if he didn’t sing the ever popular “Fuck the Po Po”. I also met up with Mr. NASCAR Driver briefly, split ways, and then at the end of the concert he asked me for a ride home since his friends left him. Apparently this means can you take me to your house and then wake up hella early and drive me home? Thank God one of his friend’s needed a ride home too so I could just take him to his house. When we were walking to my car he kept shouting racial slurs (and I love black people, I even offered to get a cotton plant for my black friend so she would feel more comfortable at my apartment) and other just douchey stuff. He asked me to text him today but I’m going to go with a big NEGATIVE on that one. I did sign up for though so maybe I’ll meet someone on there. And if not I’ll at least get some free food. And some good research for my book, which is exactly what I’m chalking Mr. NASCAR Driver up to. At least he was a good kisser.

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