Mind Games Pt. 2

So I haven’t spoken to Navy Boy in almost a week. I gave up trying, especially after he told me he didn’t actually want me to move in with him, he was just drunk when he said it. I’m done playing his mind games. I do love him but love isn’t supposed to leave you feeling empty inside. He’s supposed to be back home next weekend and I was supposed to go see him but we will see how that plays out. I probably won’t especially since my car is a piece of shit and won’t make it to his hometown, plus the last time I drove a piece of shit car to go see him my car blew up. In other mind game news, Engineer Boy texted me. I was shocked. I’m keeping it casual though, no dirty texts yet. Also I have decided to give the online dating thing more energy since those two can’t make up their minds, maybe I’ll find someone who can.

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