Why are all the single guys such creeps?

So I thought I had a promising first date the other night. We met on that dating website I joined, talked for a few hours online, and decided to meet up. Things started out innocently enough. We were talking and laughing and I was excited because things were going so well and he was cute. Neither of us wanted the date to end so we came back to my apartment and it was late so I told him he could stay but no funny business. As soon as the lights went off he went into full creeper mode. He told me that I looked like a good cuddler, he told me how much my tattoos turned him on, and he told me that when he first saw me all he could think about was kissing me. Those are not necessarily things you talk about on the first date. Last night he texted me asking if he could tell me something, not knowing what he was going to say I said sure. Then he texted me back saying, “Last night I was so aroused all I could think about was putting my lips all over your body.” Ummmm…. WTF?! I didn’t respond and am not likely too. Why is it so much to ask for a stable, non-creepy, non-commitment phobic, good looking, chill guy? Even the new hot guy at work has a girlfriend already. Granted, I had to Facebook stalk to find out so does that make it ok to continue to hit on him?

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