I literally ended up under a chair.

A lot of drama has been going in our house the past few days (arrests, cops, etc, etc…) and so last night we decided to get so fucked up we couldn’t remember. The last time I did this I ended up fainting and convulsing. Last night I didn’t convulse but I did faint again. I was sitting in a chair and the next thing I knew I was laid out on the rain soaked carpet looking up at the chair I was just sitting on. Classy right? The carpet did feel fantastic though. With my 21st birthday rapidly approaching I’m worried that this is going to be an issue though. How can I quit partying before I’m even able to party? I personally feel like the best approach would to be just drink my face off every night until I’m no longer fainting but I think my brain might get a little mad being so oxygen deprived.

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