Bring on the good times and blackouts.

Tomorrow is FINALLY my 21st birthday. So long to the days of me driving everyone’s drunk ass around, so long to the days of everyone going out but me, and bring on the party. I’ve always been friends with people who are older than me which has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage- I always have someone to buy me alcohol/share theirs with me, Dis- I can’t drink with them in public. Even in college all my friends worked at one bar but I couldn’t drink there. Ok, that’s a total lie, I found ways. But they technically wouldn’t serve me. I drank at all of their houses though, even the managers and bouncers. The bouncers used to draw the most ridiculous “X”s on my hands because they thought it was hilarious and then at the end of the night get me fucked up. But now, that is ALL OVER WITH. And I’m stoked.

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