Cast of My Life

  • Me- Well, duh.
  • The BFF- A flighty, alcoholic, hot mess who gets me better than anyone and vice versa. She would be there for me if I ever needed her as long as she looked at her phone to know I needed her.
  • Engineer Boy- One of the loves of my life. I’ve known him forever and we’ve always had a thing. We never consummated our thing until December though because for some reason or another we just can’t seem to make us work.
  • Navy Boy- The other love of my life. Read the post about him.
  • The Other Roommate- Same goes for her.
  • Reggie Bush- We’re secretly married. Whoops, guess it isn’t so secret anymore. Why do you think he finally dumped Kim K.? It was all for me bay-bay.
Expect this list to be constantly updated.

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