Just call me Jack Sparrow

Today I didn’t have work and a friend of mine didn’t have school so we did what any one would do. We stole a canoe. OK, so technically we didn’t steal it per se… We totally asked. While we were taking it. Besides, we stole it from the yacht club, it’s not like we both don’t work there. When we pulled up our creepy manager’s car was there (I swear he lives there…) so she called him and he asked her what we were doing because he saw us creeping around the building. His only concern was that we didn’t die since we were both scheduled for this weekend. It was a very successful trip though. We canoed out to this island in the lake. Drank a beer. And then canoed back. By the end of the summer we will be so good at this commandeering boats thing that we might try a sail boat.