I got tired of Taco Bell…

I can actually cook even though I hardly do. There’s something depressing about cooking and eating by yourself, kinda like drinking by yourself so I don’t normally do it. Tonight though one of the roommates was going to be home so I made this… well kinda this… I don’t remember what all I put in it.

Italian Pot Roast

1 London Broil

1 Bottle of sun dried tomato vinaigrette (or any other Italian style dressing)

1 Jar of pesto (one of the spaghetti sauce companies makes it… I don’t remember the name)

Dash of ginger

Whatever else you find you want to put in… I put in this stuff called Salad Jazz that I found at Wal-Mart ages ago and never used

1 Cup of water to cut the olive oil (I put in about two cups but it was almost too watery so one cup should be perfect)

Put it all in a Crock Pot and set on low. I put mine in about noon and ate it around 8:30. I also found these really good parsley garlic noodles at Big Lots that were perfect with it but regular noodles would be good too. I also made corn but thats because I really like corn. I’m not going to say this was one of the best things I’ve ever made because I normally say that about everything but it was really damn good and something I would definitely make again especially since there’s a good chance it would turn out different.