Is there AA for buying shoes?

I got my state tax return today, so I did what any irresponsible person would do, pretended it never existed and shopped. The best friend and I indulged in some much needed girl time and shopped our way around our favorite town. After we lost our hangovers and woke up. Last night we had the biggest party we’ve had at our new apartment yet and I got HAMMERED. I seriously haven’t been that drunk since I stumbled my away around St. Maarten. And that’s the day I went to the nude beach with my mom. The last thing I remember about last night was taking one shot of sour apple Burnette’s. I apparently took two. And then fell. I woke up this morning still drunk and when I looked down still clothed. My roommate dropped me into bed, pulled the covers up to my knees, and threw the dogs in with me. So as you can tell, in order to fully recover, shopping was needed. I bought two pairs of pink wedges, but they’re totally different, I swear, and two pairs of flip flops. One pair is Patron and one pair is Corona. And while both are alcohol, both are completely different. I got a pair of Rock and Republic jeans for $38. I got a pair of Citizens of Humanity for $21. I also got a bunch of tops, but none are so exciting that I have to share. And now, I have to go hang all this shit up.