SATC 2- My Thoughts

Well since I’m a girl after Carrie Bradshaw’s heart I figured I would share my thoughts on the new movie. I haven’t read any of the reviews because I wanted to see it for myself before I considered someone else’s opinion. I liked the movie and the plot in general but there was something off and contrived about it. The product placement throughout was ridiculous. Rolex, Trojan, Apple (which is more ok than the rest since Carrie has always been a Mac user but this time it was Charlotte’s iPhone), and others were splashed all over the movie. The clothes were fabulous as always, but too much. I don’t sit on my couch in an evening gown, so why should it be believable that Carrie does? In general I think the first movie was much better. Because of the success of the first one though every brand in the world was chomping at the bit to get into this one. There were definitely some very funny parts (Liza doing Single Ladies anyone?) that had me cracking up. But there were also parts meant to be funny that just weren’t. The girls also looked so old and worn out. Well except Samantha and her various hormone replacement therapies. I feel like there has to be another movie in the future because there were still a lot of unanswered questions. With the first movie they wrapped everything up by the end but not with this one. I still think something is going to happen with Samantha and Smith Jared, Carrie has way too many past loves for Aiden to be the only one that pops up, I think Miranda and Steve are going to have another baby now that she’s gotten a better job, and Charlotte is just going to go crazy from trying to be too perfect.  Oh, and I think Carrie and Big will have kids. It came up way to much during the movie for something to not happen from it.


Caution Flag

So last night was the final night of Speed Street and I went and saw Corey Smith, who is one of my favorites, perform. He put on a great show even if he didn’t sing the ever popular “Fuck the Po Po”. I also met up with Mr. NASCAR Driver briefly, split ways, and then at the end of the concert he asked me for a ride home since his friends left him. Apparently this means can you take me to your house and then wake up hella early and drive me home? Thank God one of his friend’s needed a ride home too so I could just take him to his house. When we were walking to my car he kept shouting racial slurs (and I love black people, I even offered to get a cotton plant for my black friend so she would feel more comfortable at my apartment) and other just douchey stuff. He asked me to text him today but I’m going to go with a big NEGATIVE on that one. I did sign up for though so maybe I’ll meet someone on there. And if not I’ll at least get some free food. And some good research for my book, which is exactly what I’m chalking Mr. NASCAR Driver up to. At least he was a good kisser.

And Leading This Lap…

So every year before the Coca Cola 600 the city of Charlotte hosts this huge festival called Speed Street. It is a redneck dream, NASCAR, country music, and all the free samples you could ever want. Including free tobacco. I went and saw Rodney Atkins (thanks Velveeta for the free mac and cheese I’m eating right now) and Luke Bryan last night and got slam drunk. I started out with a Four Loko and just got shittier from there. Out of no where I realize I’m making out with someone. Turns out he’s a low level driver. And wants to meet up tomorrow night for Corey Smith. I looked him up online and he’s definitely not ugly so at least I’m not drunk public making out  with ugly people. I’ll keep it updated.

Twenty Things.

1. I generally like animals more than people.

2. I used to have to sneak shoes I bought past my mom because she forbade me to buy any more.

3. I am a gigantic pothead, I love weed more than alcohol.

4. I still love alcohol though.

5. I could make more money at a different job but I like it, even if some days I claim to hate it.

6. I can cook really, really well.

7. I’m trying to write a novel.

8. I’m pretty much a total nympho but I haven’t gotten much lately.

9. Country music is my favorite. I love any song that tells a story though.

10. I’m in love with two different people for two different reasons.

11. I love hot weather but have to be cold to sleep.

12. I can decorate the shit out of any space.

13. I never know whether to say it’s a disease or a condition. Either way, fuck fibro.

14. My biggest regret is that I couldn’t pass bootcamp and be in the Navy right now.

15. Every plant I buy or plant ends up dying. I’ve never had a green thumb.

16. The best compliment I’ve ever gotten was “You look just like Audrey Hepburn!” She probably doesn’t remember me but I will always remember her.

17. Probably the most fun I’ve had with my mom was the afternoon at the nude beach in St. Maarten.

18. I own more LSU paraphernalia than any other brand of clothing. I even have a LSU Snuggie.

19. I don’t have cable, but I do have a lot of movies.

20. I like watching shit blow up more than the average girl, I hate wrecking cars in NASCAR though.