It’s no secret. I LOVE the Saints. Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m originally from Louisiana and even have a fleur-de-lis tattoo with the Mardi Gras colors, no it’s not just “the Saint’s logo” creepy dude from my freshman English class. I also want to have Reggie Bush’s babies. Kim K can kiss my ass, he’s mine all mine. I have been wearing a shit eating grin all night and talking some massive shit to any Colts fan. But as someone at the bar I went to pointed out, Colts stands for Count On Losing The Superbowl. I had to work most of the game, but it’s ok because they had a projection screen and I got to stand in the back of the room and get paid to do almost nothing. Right before the last quarter my manager told me to go ahead and leave so I did. I went to the bar my roommate works at since she’s been trying to get me down there. Plus, there was a regular she wanted me to meet. I think I might be going there more often. He was adorable and might be worth getting to know. Anyways, two guys came in, one I knew one I didn’t. The one I know has possibly the most annoying voice in the history of the world and he loves to hear himself talk. They sat in between me and the adorable dude I was trying to mack on and the annoying one was being a douche bag. And rubbing my back. Anyways, to make a long boring story short, THE SAINTS WON THE FUCKING SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT WHO DAT?!!!