SATC 2- My Thoughts

Well since I’m a girl after Carrie Bradshaw’s heart I figured I would share my thoughts on the new movie. I haven’t read any of the reviews because I wanted to see it for myself before I considered someone else’s opinion. I liked the movie and the plot in general but there was something off and contrived about it. The product placement throughout was ridiculous. Rolex, Trojan, Apple (which is more ok than the rest since Carrie has always been a Mac user but this time it was Charlotte’s iPhone), and others were splashed all over the movie. The clothes were fabulous as always, but too much. I don’t sit on my couch in an evening gown, so why should it be believable that Carrie does? In general I think the first movie was much better. Because of the success of the first one though every brand in the world was chomping at the bit to get into this one. There were definitely some very funny parts (Liza doing Single Ladies anyone?) that had me cracking up. But there were also parts meant to be funny that just weren’t. The girls also looked so old and worn out. Well except Samantha and her various hormone replacement therapies. I feel like there has to be another movie in the future because there were still a lot of unanswered questions. With the first movie they wrapped everything up by the end but not with this one. I still think something is going to happen with Samantha and Smith Jared, Carrie has way too many past loves for Aiden to be the only one that pops up, I think Miranda and Steve are going to have another baby now that she’s gotten a better job, and Charlotte is just going to go crazy from trying to be too perfect. ¬†Oh, and I think Carrie and Big will have kids. It came up way to much during the movie for something to not happen from it.