It’s been a hot minute…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, not that I have any loyal followers or anything. Let’s see, where to start? I’m working at the naughty store, and that’s going well and is fun. I’m not waitressing but I am bartending at a shitty dive bar, but it’s a fun dive bar and I make good money there. My car blew up and I am now biking everywhere because I’m a gangster like that. As far as dudes go, Couch Boy is completely over for good. He was STILL fucking her. After him I was hooking up with this guy in the Army for a few weeks and now I’m hanging out with this guy from Florida who is going back soon. Yeah, that about sums up life at the moment. Today is my 1 year of being out of the Navy. Some bad ass military planes flew over our apartment today and I started crying. That was fun. I will try to update more from now on, promise.


What a year.

Most people write their look back on the year on New Years but today is a much more important day for me. At this time last year I was sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting to go to boot camp. I was anxious, nervous, scared, and most of all excited. I was finally making my dream of being in the military come true. It was all I ever wanted. My parents made me go to college right after high school instead of joining because I was 17 and my mom had 20 years of Army experience under her belt. I listened to her, made it through two years of doing something I hated, and finally went to talk to a recruiter. As I walked out of his office after signing the papers I called my mom and told her to guess what I just did. Her answer? “You joined the Navy didn’t you?” How in the hell she knew that I will never know. After a few weeks in training I could tell something just wasn’t right. I was sick, I couldn’t breathe, and every time I would try and run I would literally collapse. I spent four months at RTC even though boot camp only lasts two. They tried to “fix me” in every way they knew how but I wasn’t getting better, I was rapidly getting worse. When I came home my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, a nerve condition that affects a number of different parts of your body. Another doctor ran extensive blood work on me and during the results appointment she asked told me that I had mono recently. Apparently what they diagnosed in boot camp as extreme pnuemonia was actually mono and triggered the fibro. I have been out for eight months but it seems like only yesterday. I have done almost nothing productive since I’ve been home. It’s so hard to try and figure out what I want in life when the only thing I’ve ever wanted was taken away from me in a five minute visit to a doctor.